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Focused on security, market access, and unrivaled client support.

Kodin Markets provides its services in 110+ countries around the world. We always strictly abide by the regulations, highly emphasizing our clients fund safety and security and the protection of our clients and their investment is our primary concern. We are committed to create a safe and reliable trading environment for all our clients.


Segregated Deposit Account


the broker cannot use client deposits to trade or maintain it’s own positions. Client funds may be used to meet a clients margin requirement, and running profit and loss only.



Forex has strict requirements when it comes to the accounting and auditing of financial firms including forex brokers. Firms must meet strict accounting, auditing and compliance standards.


Risk Management Audits

Finance regularity audits brokers to stress test them in different operational scenarios. Each firm is required to hold a minimum amount of capital reserves.


Safety and protection

KODIN MARKETS LTD is obligated to segregate the money that private clients deposit in order to prevent the use of client funds by the firm for its own account.